I accidentally overpaid for my order or sent too much crypto

  • Updated

We’ve implemented the ability for customers to immediately initiate overpayment refunds directly from your invoice once funds are received by Bitrefill. 

If you overpay for an order, we can refund the excess amount to your Bitrefill balance or to your wallet address (Note: The refund process depends on the payment method) 

Once we’ve received the payment you can initiate a refund by selecting the Refund Options button on your invoice and selecting the option to be refunded to your Bitrefill balance or to a specific address. 

Once you enter the option you prefer, select Review Refund, then Confirm Refund. If you choose to refund to an address you can track the transaction onchain via the information provided on the invoice. If you selected to refund to your Bitrefill balance, you can see the funds here https://www.bitrefill.com/account

If you overpaid for an account balance top up please contact us via https://help.bitrefill.com/hc/en-us with your invoice ID in plain text format, if you cannot find this please include the following information in plain text format (no screenshots) so we can locate the funds:

  • Transaction / Hash ID
  • Wallet address you sent payment to 
  • Cryptocurrency, Network & Amount sent

Unfortunately, if you paid a larger amount than the total of your invoice, this is not automatically credited to your Bitrefill balance or order at this time. 

As always, please reach out to us at https://help.bitrefill.com/hc/en-us if you have any questions.