What cryptocurrencies are accepted by Bitrefill?

  • Updated

We currently accept the following cryptocurrencies as a payment method:

  • Ether
  • Bitcoin (on-chain and Lightning)
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • USDT (ERC20, TRC20, and Polygon)
  • USDC (ERC20 and Polygon)

Additionally, we have integrated **Binance Pay** into our website, allowing you to pay with your preferred altcoin.

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to use Lifi, a decentralized exchange unaffiliated with Bitrefill, to swap your coins with other tokens across various chains and networks and use them to top-up your Bitrefill Balances

You can try it by visiting https://www.bitrefill.com/account/topup and selecting other tokens. Also you can learn more about it here.

Learn about using Lifi HERE