I didn't receive my refund or I get an error when requesting a refund

  • Updated

If you encounter issues while requesting a refund or haven't received it yet, there could be several reasons behind this:

  • Unconfirmed transaction: Your refund request might fail if your original payment transaction has not yet been confirmed on the blockchain. Please wait for the transaction to be confirmed; afterward, you can request your refund.
  • Incorrect Wallet Address: If the wallet address provided was entered incorrectly, the refund cannot be processed. Double-check the address you entered and ensure it matches the payment method you used. Try requesting the refund again with the correct address.
  • Refund Already Processed: Your refund may have already been completed and sent to your specified address or Bitrefill account. Please check your wallet or account to confirm receipt.
  • Other Technical Errors: If you're still facing issues and none of the above reasons apply, please contact us for further assistance. Include a screenshot of the error and your Invoice ID  in text form so we can help resolve the issue promptly.