Why does my invoice say "underpaid order"?

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Your invoice displays "Underpaid Order" because the total amount was not paid. Several reasons might lead to this situation.

In cases where you send payments through custodial exchanges, custodial wallets, or other third-party platforms, they might impose additional withdrawal fees, which are automatically subtracted from the amount you send. Consequently, the payment received by Bitrefill is less than the required invoice amount, resulting in a partial payment.

To address an underpaid order, you can either:

  1. Complete the payment by sending the outstanding amount.
  2. Request a refund for the amount already paid.

Please refer to the instructions provided on your invoice.

To prevent this issue in the future, consider the following options:

  1. Top up your Bitrefill balance in advance and use your pre-paid credit for subsequent transactions.
  2. You can use a wallet where you can control the private keys and self-custody your crypto. This ensures you only incur standard network fees and avoid extra withdrawal charges.

If the onchain transaction reflects the full and correct amount was sent and you still have not received your order please reach out to our Customer Service department and provide the following:

  1. Invoice ID pasted in plain text
  2. Address you sent the funds to pasted in plain text
  3. Cryptocurrency, network & amount you used for your payment method