Purchase as gift / Schedule delivery of a gift card

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Are you looking to get the perfect gift for a friend or family member? We allow customers to purchase gift cards as vouchers that can be delivered as gifts to other people instantly or on a scheduled day.

This feature allows you to fully customize your gifts by including a custom message and theme that can be emailed and printed easily. They receive the gift card but are unable to see the private information such as the amount you paid.

Please note that the orders and payments are processed at the moment of your purchase, the scheduled date applies to the delivery of the gift card via email.

You will receive a confirmation email and invoice as usual. If you would like to view the gift select "View Gift" on the invoice to see what they will receive.

Read more on our blog post: https://blog.bitrefill.com/give-on-crypto-with-new-gifting-features-at-bitrefill-com-fa3d61e11995