What should I do if I cannot redeem my gift card?

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Initial Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check IP Address and Account Region: Ensure that your IP address and the region of your account correspond to the product's intended region. Discrepancies can prevent code redemption.
  2. Turn Off VPNs: If you are using a VPN, it may interfere with the redemption process. We recommend turning it off to see if that resolves the issue.
  3. Verify Currency Compatibility: Make sure that the currency of the gift card matches the currency required on the redemption platform. Mismatches can lead to redemption failures.

No Refund Policy for Non-Compliance:

Please note that no refunds for non-compliance with the redemption restrictions will be issued. It is crucial to review all relevant information on the product page and the terms of service before purchasing.

Persistent Issues? Contact Us With the Following Information:

For Online Redemption Issues:

  • Screenshots/Screen Recordings: Please provide full screenshots or screen recordings of your redemption attempt. Include the gift card code, any error messages, and the URL bar of the redemption page or the app interface used.
  • Conditions of the Error: Inform us if you are using any specific services like Tor or a VPN when the error occurs.
  • Region and Currency Match: Confirm that your current IP address and the redeeming account's region and currency align with those intended for the product.

For Physical Store Redemption Issues:

  • Store Address: Provide the full address of the store where you attempted redemption.
  • Detailed Explanation: Share a comprehensive description of your attempt to redeem the code at the store, including any feedback provided by store staff.