I am not able to redeem my gift card code

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If you're unable to redeem a gift card code, first make sure your IP address and account region corresponds to the product's intended region, and confirm that you are not using a VPN. If using a VPN we recommend you turn it off as this can cause redemption issues.

Still, experiencing issues? Please contact us with the following information:

For online redemption, provide:

  1. Include full screenshots/screen recordings of your redemption attempt that show the gift card code, the error message, and the URL bar of the redemption page/the app you're using for redemption. 
  2. Conditions in which the error happens, so their team can replicate it. Are you using Tor or VPN

  3. Does your current IP address and redeeming account match the region that the product is intended for?

  4. Feedback from the brand's customer service regarding the code issue. Most issues are on the brands side and are often resolved quickly with their support team. 

For physical store redemption, share:

  1. Full address of the store visited.
  2. Explanation of unsuccessful code redemption and the store staff's feedback.