Can I make purchases using Polygon?

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Yes, you can make purchases by paying with USDC and USDT on Polygon. However, if you wish to pay with a different Polygon token like MATIC, you can swap your favorite Polygon tokens using Lifi (a decentralized exchange unrelated to Bitrefill) and top-up your Bitrefill USD or EUR balances, which can then be used to pay for your order.


Paying with USDC or USDT Polygon

  1. After selecting your gift card, click “Add to cart” > “Check out”.
  2. At the checkout page, click “USDC or USDT Polygon” as a payment method.
  3. You have two options to complete the transaction: 
    • Use our wallet selector and connect your wallet.
    • Copy the Polygon wallet address and amount, then paste it into your wallet.
  5. Complete the transaction in your wallet.


Paying with Polygon tokens like MATIC

  1. Go to the top-up page at
  2. Select “Other tokens” in the “From” box.
  3. Choose either USD or EUR balance in the “To” box.
  4. Click “Connect wallet”.
  5. At the “Swap and Top-up” section, select MATIC or your favorite token in the “From” box.
  6. Input MATIC or your favorite token amount.
  7. Complete the transaction in your wallet.


⚠ Important:

  • Top-ups are swapped to USDC by Lifi, and then used to top up your USD or EUR balance.
  • Top-up addresses should be used only once. Do not reuse them, as your account will not be credited and we cannot recover your payment.
  • Confirm that the token you wish to swap is supported.
  • After connecting your wallet, the interface will display the number of tokens available.
  • The exchange fee will be shown under "Other tokens". Confirm you are fine with it!
  • The maximum allowed balance top-up is 2,000 USD.

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